The draft will take place on Sunday, January 26th at Arcadia High School in the Large Gymnasium. It will run about 1-1.5 hours in length:

· 3rd-4th Grade Division 12 pm

· 5th-6th Grade  Division 2:30 pm

· 7th-8th Grade Division 4:30 pm

Please have your child bring a basketball, with his/her name written on it.


Mandatory Evaluations
Each division will have an evaluation session. All participants will be REQUIRED to be at the draft if they would like to be placed onto a team. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you need to be excused for any reason you must contact us prior to the draft.

Player Ratings
The Management Team will organize evaluation sessions for each division. The purpose of the evaluation is to rate each player relative to other players in their division and to provide useful information to coaches to assist them in drafting a team. Evaluations should include measurement of basic physical attributes (weight, height) as well as test specific basketball skills, such as passing, dribbling, and shooting (free throws and lay-ups). In addition to skills tests, the evaluation will include a scrimmage (three-on-three up to five-on-five) involving other players in the division in which the same basic basketball skills are evaluated as well as an evaluation of the player’s defensive and offensive skills within a team setting.

Assignment of Players Prior to the Draft
The child or sibling of the Head Coach (adult or student Coach) will be assigned to that team in the round of the draft determined by the evaluation rating score or as assigned by the Management Team, but not lower than the player’s rating would imply. Children or siblings of assistant coaches are no longer automatically assigned to a specific team. The Management Team may, in their sole discretion, agree to assign a player other than the child or sibling of the Head Coach to a designated team. In no instance, however, will more than two players be assigned to a team prior to the draft.

Player Draft
The Management Team has the discretion to choose one of the following two methods for conducting the draft. The sole goal of the draft is a fair distribution of talent among all the teams. The first round drafting order should be a random draw determined by lot or may be set in advance by the Management Team, taking into account players already assigned to teams with the goal of maintaining a fair distribution of the remaining players.

Draft Method
The drafting order for the second round will be reversed from that of the first round (e.g., the team that picked last in the first round picks first in the second round) and is then reversed again for each succeeding round until all players are selected.

Equity and Parity
In any method utilized, the Management Team should make allowances for potential inequities, including those involving assigned players. The intent is a fair and even distribution of talent to achieve balanced and competitive teams in each division.

Player Preferences
When drafting players, Coaches will give consideration to player conflicts involving practice day or time. Players must be available to practice with the team if they are going to play with the team. These conflicts should be indicated on the player’s registration form and, to the extent known, should be included in the draft information. Preferences for car-pooling and other desires of the players will not be given any consideration. Brothers/sisters are not guaranteed to play on the same team unless their parent or sibling is coaching the team, and they are assigned to it. The Management Team, if they choose, may accommodate siblings if they believe it will not adversely impact the fair distribution of players in the draft.  

Trading of Players
Trading of players between teams is prohibited. If a player has a conflict with the team’s practice schedule that cannot otherwise be resolved, the coach should contact the Management Team and ask for assistance in resolving the conflict.