Always in need of Volunteer Coaches

Volunteer coaches are what make our program go. If you are interested in coaching, please reach out to us ASAP so we can add you to our coaches list. Coaches are required to read the following below. 

  • It is your responsibility to visit the website for updates and changes. It is not the responsibility of the Management Team to call and remind you of due dates and deadlines!
  • Practice can be conducted on any outdoor location in the Arcadia area. Practicing or scrimmaging with other teams at any outdoor facility will be allowed.
  • Abide by all rules and regulations set forth by AYB.
  • Treat all players equally and instruct them in the fundamentals of youth basketball
  • Place the emotional and physical well-being of the players above any personal desire to win.
  • Provide a safe playing environment for the players.
  • Abide by disciplinary decisions made by the Management Team.
  • Make sure our team, parents, and spectators respect the rules and regulations regarding cleaning, maintenance, safety, and refreshments in the gymnasium.
  • Treat all players, coaches, officials, and the public with respect.  
  • Allow referees or officials to have the final decision during games.
  • Only the head coach, asst. coach, and/or team have contact with players during games and practices.
  • Do not allow unauthorized individuals to "fill-in" at any time.
  • Do not leave the bench for any reason, unless instructed to do so by a game official or league representative.
  • Do not address and/or approach the scorer's table in an aggressive manner or use profanity.
  • Do not charge players for practice or training sessions during the AYB season.
  • AYB uniforms are to be worn for playing in AYB games in the Arcadia High School gym. Do not have your team wear AYB uniforms to play in non-AYB affiliated games.
  • If a team is without a coach, the Management Team will appoint an interim coach until a permanent coach can be found and approved.
  • Be responsible for your bench areas and your assistant coach.
  • Remember that you are a youth basketball coach, and that the game is for the children and not the adults.
  • Be a Role Model for your kids! Show Sportsmanship at all times.


This league exists for the benefits of the players. Please be respectful of the officials at all times. We do understand that the officials will make mistakes, but please be mindful that they are doing their best.

  • Only (1) one coach will be allowed to stand during game time. 
  • First violation: Warning
  • Second violation: Technical Foul
  • Third Violation: Ejection from that game and the offending coach is required to leave the gym. The assistant coach will take over the team and complete the game. If an assistant coach is not available, the ejected coach will appoint a parent to take his or her place. The ejected coach will in no way hinder or delay further play before exiting the gym. The ejected coach is required to meet with the Management Team after the Third Violation.
  • All adults and parents must sit on the opposite side of the court. No parents or spectators will be permitted to stand or sit behind the team benches.


Regularly Scheduled Practices

Each team is permitted to practice once a week at a regularly scheduled time and place assigned by the coach. (i.e., private school gyms, Elementary/Middle School Outdoor Courts, Parks etc...).

Make-up Practices

If a practice time is cancelled due to weather, holiday or other use of the assigned gym space (i.e., band practice), coaches should contact their team's parents and ask for assignment of an alternative practice time.

A team may practice twice in one week if they should choose to.  Coaches should anticipate possible practice cancellations (i.e., if practice day is a holiday) and arrange for make-ups as soon as possible. 

Coaches are required to give parents ample time to know if a practice is to be cancelled. Simply cancelling 30 minutes prior is unacceptable. Please use your judgment. 

Coach Mac's Guide To Basketball Drills And Games